About the Startup DBI

We believe in a connected world with real information values

The journey began in May 2014 when David Chang, after working on a project with E.ON Energie Deutschland, founded DBI Analytics GmbH. After several digital projects, he started the development of the ABIS Analytics Cloud together with his CTO Daniel Janz in 2016. In spring 2018, ABIS was launched in test operation with pilot customers. David then developed the frontend for ABIS OS Alpha in collaboration with Chris. The development was successfully completed in autumn of 2018.

The product is currently in the market launch phase. Maximilian Anzile has been supporting the founding team as a new partner since autumn 2018. The DBI team is convinced that “Smart Data” will become more and more important for all companies in the course of the digital transformation. Therefore, we are already working on intelligent and innovative technologies to make cloud analytics easier, cheaper and therefore better accessible for SMEs.