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Reporting-as-a-Service enables your company to automate and optimize reports for different use cases. It perfectly works together with your BI-Team.

Cloud Reporting - process optimization with actionable dashboards


Collaborative Business Intelligence

Reporting tools made easy

Say goodbye to IT-centric and time-consuming reporting. ABIS is the collaborative cloud analysis tool for enterprises. It allows you to share and manage data from multiple tools and use them in your custom business application in days instead of months.

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The cloud reporting platform

Powerful reporting tool at the touch of a button

Automate or enhance your reporting through the cloud operating system ABIS. Save a lot of time and money with smart analytics. Share reports within your team and setup an intelligent and fully comprehensive mobile analytics environment. Pull and monitor statistics from different online marketing sources in one comprehensively summarized dashboard. No Data Science skills expertise are required. Through our smart analytics apps, every employee can now connect his own data and systems with one click to share and analyze insights within the team. Professional analytics templates can be derived from the cloud platform ABIS and can be delivered within a few minutes on demand. ABIS enables a seamless and secure business reporting environment. Your datasources are stored securly in a data warehouse which is hosted in the ABIS Analytics Cloud, but can also be operated in a private cloud directly at the customer’s request.

Automated Business Intelligence Deployment

Plug and play reporting tools for multiple online marketing data sources

The data analyst is responsible for the evaluation of all online marketing channels of a website. The reporting has to be updated continuously, mostly by hand. The marketing team can only achieve the best performance from the online budget with up-to-date and relevant statistics. Often, however, the process of creating a comprehensive reporting is very high. Especially when it comes to combine and share reports from different tools like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook, CRM, CMS, etc.

How can reportings be available for your marketing teams in a short time without spending several working hours? Simply by deploying smart reporting tools in the ABIS Cloud. Smart reporting apps take care of unifying the data from the different tools and systems and making it available in dashboards for analysis.

The advantage over other BI tools is that you don’t need any prior knowledge to set it up. You select the smart apps, connect them to the datasources and get a coffee while the datasource is imported and dashboards are created. This allows you to focus on the essential points of your work, namely evaluation and interpretation.

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Custom Business Intelligence Services

Financial controlling, informative and engaging

Accountants and controllers are responsible for reporting to management. The annual accounts, general ledger, cost accounting, payroll accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, tax compliance and other reportings must be 100% accurate.

Frequently, the management also requests ad hoc reports and individual analyses within the quarter. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare and explain all the reports as the boss needs it for a current evaluation. It often takes hours to extract the numbers from different reporting tools and prepare it in Excel or a PowerPoint in a way that is easy to read and understand.

Imagine you could now filter and describe all accounting data in one large and daily updated dataset within minutes as you need it. Even from your smartphone? This is exactly what our Cloud Analytics Software ABIS can do for you.

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The social network for companies

Safely share and keep track of all data insights

As Social Media Manager you are the creative head of the marketing team. Do you know your target group and the needs of your community and how to react to changes in social networks? Then you also know that this can sometimes be quite exhausting and stressful, especially if you are busy analyzing the data and interpreting it for your colleagues. Unfortunately, there is currently no analyst at hand.

You take care of all this on your own and have to take care of much more besides. That doesn’t have to be the case. With ABIS you have exactly the reporting tool in your hand that helps you to automatically collect data from your social activities and analyze them with a certain ease. In a team the data can be discussed and interpreted together. So you have the complete power of your team bundled in one application and running, no matter where you chill to invent the next viral hit, in your hand!

Collaborative reporting tools

Establish a data-focused project management

They’re always on the move. As a Project Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager or Managing Director you have a lot of appointments and meetings to cope with. Your employees write you thousands of e-mails every day and either need approvals, feedback, or simply have questions on specific topics. Your decisions have a direct impact on the company’s results. That’s why data analysis is the key to success. Most BI reporting tools only deliver the limited performance you’d hoped for. It often fails because of the simplicity and communication of evaluation results.

You have already tried many BI tools, most of which were unsuccessful and extremely expensive to implement? How would it be if you could set up a complete, comprehensive reporting system conveniently and simply at the touch of a button and even for free? Without justifying an increased investment risk and immediately receiving the results of a business intelligence project?

Set up reports automatically, receive analyses and derive direct actions from them. This is now possible with the ABIS Analytics Cloud. Our team combines communication and data analysis in one elegant and sustainable application. With ABIS you are now in a position to have a 360° view of all processes and procedures on an ongoing basis in order to make well-founded and relevant decisions.

Project Management Dashboard on smartphone for real time analytics

ABIS saves time and costs for the setup and maintenance of a comprehensive reporting tools. Learn more about their savings potential.