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Our Cloud Analytics Platform enables new applications and specialized services around your analysis and Reporting. Are you interested in developing a custom Smart Data App for your business? Offer pay-as-you-use Analytics Apps and Services to your customers or partners.

Build your Smart Data App


Custom BI Development

Rapid mobile dashboard development – ETL Services – Data Warehousing Hosting – Software Development – BI Consulting

Especially in e-commerce and multichannel marketing, SMBs and Agencies are exposed to a daily increasing flood of data. The structuring and analysis of data have become increasingly important for the company from a strategic point of view. On a daily basis, data analyses can help to make important strategic decisions more soundly and quickly than just from the “gut feeling”. Newly generated information enables employees to transform their resources and processes more efficiently and adaptively. This gives companies a flexible opportunity to act data-driven and efficiently.

High costs and a lack of specialists prevent many medium-sized companies from carrying out their own data Intelligence projects. Cloud Analytics solutions have, however, become indispensable, especially for SMEs that feel increasingly exposed to “digital success pressure”. As a German business intelligence service provider, we offer a sustainable cloud analytics software and services from a single source to make your company ready for the digital revolution.

Private Cloud and Data Security made in Germany

Data Warehousing in the cloud is a technology that aggregates structured data from multiple heterogeneous online data sources and IT systems for analysis.

With ABIS we offer a complete landscape for the successful operation of a revolutionary data analysis system. Our cloud analytics platform enables SMBs access to a comprehensive, custom, robust, scalable and flexible Business-Intelligence-System.

Based on our technology and project experience we are able to develop, implement and run your custom data analytics and reporting system much faster and cheaper than with other providers.

  • We audit your current data processes and create an automated solution.
  • We host your Private Cloud in a certified data center in the US or Europe.
  • Real-time monitoring of the infrastructure enables us to detect anomalies at an early stage and thus improve our security aspects.
  • Book additional cloud computing resources like In-Memory, for more power in your data analysis.
  • You only pay for the cloud computing resources that you use.
  • Encrypted backups of your data are made regularly.
  • You don’t have to worry about scaling your system.
  • We believe in data protection and European standards to keep your data private and safe.
Server and Data warehouse hosting in the cloud

Present your key figures in a simple and understandable way

Our Data Analysts and Consultants are happy to support you in developing efficient data analytics and reporting solutions.

The size of your company does not matter. We deliver your cost-effective overall Smart Data solution individually, reliably and quickly with the help of our cloud analytics operating system ABIS. Our services include in general:

  • Inventory analysis of your existing tracking and reporting system.
  • Automation of your current reporting process to save high costs and increased personnel expenses.
  • We design and build easy-to-use, mobile online dashboards for your team.
business intelligence agentur und dienstleister für dashboards

Use elegant and practical dashboards to inspire your team with data

A dashboard is a data visualization layer that displays current metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for your organization. Dashboards consolidate figures, i.e. metrics, and enable performance scorecards on a single screen.

As an innovative smart data provider, we use our proprietary Cloud Analytics technology and infrastructure to implement your dashboard project professionally in a very short time. Benefit from our know-how and project experience.

  • Development of automated data processes to summarize data from different systems. (ETL- Services)
  • Data modeling and enrichment in your private cloud data warehouse.
  • API Quota- und Metadata management.
  • IT security, access permissions, and encryption.
  • We develop your custom mobile dashboards and reporting.
  • We ensure scalability and the operation of your cloud analytics system.

We have many years of experience in projects in the energy industry, e-commerce, and digital marketing. Our references include the biggest German energy company and other DAX 30 Companies.

We integrate multiple data sources and make your data flow secure and efficient so that you can apply great analytics and data-driven business processes across your entire enterprise.


Questions and answers about our services

Why do I need a Digital Intelligence solution?

Manually collecting data and processing it in different tools costs your employees a lot of time and effort every day. How can this effort be kept as low as possible without maintaining expensive and manual reporting processes?

This is possible with our Smart Data Apps. They automate the daily data updates and offer clear reports and dashboards to all employees. Our team has learned what Data Analytics is all about. We can make data analysis and business intelligence more tangible and useful, especially for SMEs.

How can I benefit from a partnership with DBI?

As a partner, you can offer your own smart data apps and innovative digital services as a reseller via our Marketplace. This allows you to generate additional revenue and amortize the development costs for your Smart Data apps. As a partner of DBI, you can open up completely new digital business areas and sales markets.

Why DBI and not Amazon, SAP, Google, Domo or Microsoft?

Although we are smaller than the big companies, this allows us to adapt much better and more flexible to your needs. We could be seen as a smaller and much more affordable version of SAP. Our technology enables great apps that would be inconceivable with other systems without increased effort.

How do I start a Business Intelligence Project?

Which data do you want to analyze and what data sources are already available? Do you already have an extensive Excel report? You will be asked about this and more in the first interview to find out how we can support you in your Business Intelligence project. And the best thing about it is that the initial consultation is completely free of charge.

What is the general workflow of a BI development project?

The Business Intelligence development project usually goes through the following phases:

  1. Analyze your existing data sources and reporting infrastructure.
  2. Learn more about your business requirements.
  3. Estimate the complexity of the business intelligence project.
  4. Design your KPIs dashboards in workshops.
  5. Development of your Cloud Reporting App according to your requirements.
  6. Intensive testing and multiple correction loops.
  7. Implementation and employee training.

How long does a BI development project usually take?

The project duration will depend on whether an API-Connector already exists and how many data tables you want to import.

Suppose you want to link a Google Analytics Account to your general marketing spend? Since we can already offer a Google Analytics API-Connector and CSV-Uploads, this project should not take longer than a week.

How much does a Business Intelligence project costs?

The costs depend on the time spent in man days and complexity. Our daily rate is between 720,- Euro and 960,- Euro. We offer development projects from 3.600,- Euro.