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Big Data needs to get smarter. This is possible with modern cloud analytics technologies and AI.

Welcome to our Analytics and AI-Blog. We cover practical as well as theoretical topics from the fields of artificial intelligence, smart data, data analytics, business intelligence, data-driven marketing, cloud analytics technologies and much more. Companies nowadays manage a multitude of data from different tools and sources. It is predicted that the amount of data currently generated annually will increase tenfold in the next few years. Small and medium-sized companies in particular often lack the know-how, employees and resources to lift data profitably and actively use it in their operations.

Even private individuals are exposed to a growing flood of data and information. Data is becoming more and more relevant here as well. E.g. when it comes to planning your private household expenses, selecting the cheapest insurances and offers, or planning an event. Data is ubiquitous but still trapped in frozen structures. We at DBI want to change that. Our team consists of convinced Open Data activists and digital experts who stand up for a liberalization of data. We report at first hand on the development of artificial intelligence and smart data analytics as drivers of digitization. Subscribe to our free newsletter.