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Analytics-Storytelling simplified. Easily deploy dashboards and collaborate with your teams.


social media dashboard for marketing
Slide thumbnailSocial Media Reporting Tool for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin Monitoring

Optimizes your return-on-invest, through better analytics storytelling and team collaboration in business intelligence.


Five clicks, five minutes, umlimited data

Connect multiple accounts

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Plug-and-play Reporting Setup


Pull your marketing data together using out-of-the-box, hassle-free connectors for hundreds of data sources, including spreadsheets, files, databases, and web services.

connecting multiple google analytics and facebook accounts in one dashboard

Create intelligent dashboard filters (drill downs) and ad hoc segments.


Compare multiple marketing accounts and views in a single dashboard.


Highlight data points in a chart to start a new conversation.

dashboard with collaboartion

Better data-driven performance


Team Collaboration in data analytics, is the key for a greater understanding of the customer journey and the online marketing performance. Shared information can improve your knowledge, to make ad spendings in online marketing campaigns more efficient.

Data-driven teams, are seeing significant benefits – up to 30 % in cost efficiency savings and a 20 % increase in revenue. Research by BCG and Google – January 2018

Share and discover new insights


Sometimes it is hard to explain metrics and reports to customers or colleagues. Using chart tagging, makes it easy for your teams and customers to stay up to date with your daily insights.

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Customer feedback


“A great partner who perfectly implemented our social media dashboard. Now we save more than 15% of the reporting-costs and can provide more insights to our customers”.

Maximilian AnzileSocial Media Pirates | CEO

“I’m excited about the passion with which the team tackles the challenges of digital transformation to provide new solutions.”

Andreas LangeE.ON Energy Germany | Online Manager

“The ABIS team has significantly improved our data quality and performance for the reporting. Wir-machen-Druck says thanks for the excellent cooperation!”

Osman ZöllnerWirmachenDruck Printshop | CMO

“ABIS’s comprehensive web monitoring helped us a lot, to optimize the planning and execution of a nationwide outdoor poster campaign.

Jaroslav Zajicek Posh Global | Marketing Director

Questions and answers


What exactly do you mean by Smart Data Apps?

A web application that can be set up on our cloud platform. A smart data app consists of a collection of different templates which are optimized towards a specific task on one or many data sources.

Our partners, who have the necessary domain knowledge, create and distribute these apps via our ABIS platform. The advantage is that your team can very quickly and directly access data insights to solve day-to-day business problems.

Which data sources can be connected for my analysis?

Any data source can be connected via API connectors. Every technical device communicates via a data interface. This regulates the flow of data inputs/outputs. We are pleased to work with service providers or companies from the e-commerce industry, logistics, and online advertising to realize innovative Smart Data solutions for the digital enterprise of tomorrow.

Why does my company require a mobile data analytics tool?

Most companies today are also engaged in digital business, or at least use Internet services to organize distributed resources, employees and processes.

Especially in small to medium-sized e-commerce companies up to large corporations, all managers are struggling with the same problems. “How do I create a common understanding of the current situation and the goals of the company? Social or Collaborative Business Intelligence can help because it naturally combines data analysis with interpretation and internal communication.

Why is our solution especially interesting for services providers?

Many online marketing agencies and e-commerce shops struggle with a variety of different tools, advertising platforms, and a large amount of data.

Nowadays customers and managers demand more transparency and up-to-date reports that help to get a better understanding of how the actual situation is. A constant exchange of information between customers and service providers can create more trust and extend cooperation. However, the cost of ongoing operations of a data analytics team can quickly become very expensive, especially if you do not have automated processes.

On ABIS the service provider can now act as an analyst and look after a large number of clients. All team members are now actively involved in the data analysis and constantly exchange important information. The customer and the service provider now talk about the same key facts and work together on new solutions that ensure more company growth, success, and turnover.

Why do I need analytics for a data-driven business?

Reports can help you to better understand the connections in your daily business. Many processes today are digital, and many statistics are generated accordingly to that online. All processes have a value for the business because they cost time and money.

Where is my data stored and secured?

We work together with a certified German data center. The data is backed up daily and protected from failures. The entire system is continuously monitored and improved. We store all data exclusively in Europe, the US or Germany and operate within the framework of local legislation.

Do you also offer data analysis services?

We would like to tailor our services perfectly to knowledge generation. If you do not want to evaluate your data yourself, then simply call an analyst through ABIS. We will refer you to one of our competent agency partners who can help you directly with the evaluation. This is a perfect addition to your online reporting.

What if my required data source is not available?

Your data source is not yet available in our store? That’s no problem at all, our company specializes in developing further data sources and apps together with partners. Just contact us if you have a unique idea for a smart data app.

How can I automate my reporting setup processes?

It’s time-consuming to merge data and create reports. With a Smart Data App, you get ready reports at the push of a button and save a lot of time and money.



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